Switch Queen is a cloud based frontend for your Switch King installation.

Instead of having complex installations on your own server, Switch Queen offers a simple and easy to use cloud based frontend.
To get started you only have to generate your personal URL. Optional is to create a background image and upload it, then add your datasources and devices wherever you want them.
Finally, show off your installation to your friends. :)

13-10-15 EventLog iCal Support
Beta-stuff... now you can add a feed of your events to a calendar (like Outlook / Google Calendar / etc)
13-09-29 High and Low!
Now you can add a high and low value for all datasources. When the value is over or under the background color of the box will change.
13-09-28 Simple mobile!
A simple mobile interface is now available. Its built 100% on jQuery Mobile so first release is only a simple and nice to have feature. :)
13-09-25 Public release!
Now we are up and running with support for more users... so share it with your friends!
13-09-07 Public beta release!
Finally all the pages, services and scripts are stable enough to let some more people use the app.

Links and other nice-to-have-stuff:
  • A simple Kiosk Browser can (with the help of Switch Queen) turn a simple and cheap tablet to a full featured home control center...
  • NoIP will help you to maintain your settings (since Switch Queen settings is stored per servername or LiveID)
  • SweetHome 3D is a great program to create beautiful background images
  • Like the Switch Queen Page on Facebook to get the latest information
  • Follow us as @SwitchQueenFE on Twitter
  • The Switch King Forum is a great place to ask questions and let us know what you think
Use Live:

  • No credentials are stored on this server
  • Credentials are located in your personal URL (encoded and encrypted with some extra salt)
  • Your web browser will only send credentials when you generate the URL (only needed once)
  • Settings are stored per LiveID or servername
  • The generated key differs between the personal and the public one

  • To use the eventlog, use a script/executable against the simple service.

Demo Environment:
  • Click here to set logon information for the demo environment.
  • The demo can be used by multiple users at the same time
  • Changes that you make can be reverted or changed by another user.
  • The environment resets at regular intervals.